West Wycombe Chamber Music Festival
West Wycombe Chamber Music Festival
Lawrence Power, Artistic Director
Lawrence Power, Artistic Director
Church of St Lawrence
Church of St Lawrence [photo: Ed Silvester]

I’m delighted to welcome you to the 2020 West Wycombe Chamber Music Festival!

We are so excited to share with you what we have been working on over the past month - as I mentioned here before, for obvious reasons we were unable to present the festival this year with live audience. However I feel this has presented us with fascinating challenges and questions ... How do we recreate the energy and soul of our special festival on film?? How should we programme without the energy of an audience to help and influence a performance? All questions that need answering. I feel privileged to have been joined by some truly magnificent artists on this voyage of discovery - you can discover them all here on the website and our social media channels throughout October.

A Fermata is arguably the most powerful musical device available to a composer, within which the most special, unexpected moments can take place. It can magically suspend time, it can invite wild Improvisation or it can simply invite silence ... I hope these films recreate in some small way the soul of our special festival during this hiatus. Enjoy.

Fermata #2

Premieres 22 October, 19:00

We have all felt a felt a collective grand pause over the past six months but this sadly continues for most performing artists all over the world today - it means so much to me that we were able to present these artists in this special way. Thanks again for your loyalty and trust during this creative endeavour. Inevitably, we have incurred more costs than usual presenting these films without the usual ticket revenue. If you enjoy these Festival films and want to support us we would be so grateful for any donations. Not only will it help to fund this year’s festival, but also help to secure future years.

I so look forward to seeing you in 3D (!) next year for our tenth anniversary ...

Lawrence Power
Artist Director WWCMF